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Thanks for stopping by. Local Rep is focused on providing licensing opportunities for independent artists & labels. My daily activities include (but are not limited to) pitching music for placements in film, television, and ads – anywhere you hear music.

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White Denim for Let’s Texas Tourism

Futuro Pelo "Nncy" (Remix) for Zara Kids

Sinkane "How We Be" in The Resident

Barrie “Tal Uno” for Thrasher

EMA “7 Years” in SMILF

Major Murphy “Come By Sunday” in Easy

White Denim “Magazin” in American Idol

Major Murphy “Radi-Yum” in Seal Team

Airpark "All Together Now" in Work in Progress

Roosevelt "Belong" in Insatiable

Dizzy Fae "Big Wall" in Twenties

Dizzy Fae & Divino Niño in Dare Me

Roosevelt “Yr Love” in the Perfect Date

Roosevelt “Fever” in You’re The Worst

Sinkane “How We Be” in Easy

Divino Niño “Plastic Love” & EMA “Breathalyzer” in Good Girls (Season 2)

EMA in the Circus

Roosevelt “Yr Love” in The Flash

Sinkane "Deadweight" in Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas

Futuro Pelo "Eden" for Apple

Barrie "Tal Uno" & "Clovers" in To All The Boys P.S. I Still Love You

Kevin Krauter "Let Me Be The One" in Veronica Mars

sir Was “Sunsets Sunrises" in Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas

Noga Erez _Off The Radar_ in Dickinson

Noga Erez "Off the Radar" in Dickinson

Oddisee "Detroit" in Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas

Barrie's "Geology" in Warrior Nun

Noga Erez "You So Done" in Good Girls (Season 3)

Futuro Pelo "Swamp" in Euphoria

Divino Niño "Melty Caramelo" in High Maintenance

Roosevelt "Illusions" in Search Party